Welcome to The Heart of One of Mena's Fastest-Growing Two Cities

Dubai & Riyadh stand as a global hub for business, luxury, and opportunity. The strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and tax-advantageous environment make them attractive destinations for investors around the globe. 
The real estate market in the region offers high returns on investment and a stable rental yield, backed by strong governance and transparent property laws. Additionally, the cities’s commitment to innovation and sustainable development sets it apart as a future-proof investment. 
From luxurious waterfront apartments to expansive villas, the diversity in property options caters to various investor needs. In Dubai, you’re not just buying a property; you’re investing in a lifestyle and a future full of potential.


Collaborate with professionals who share your vision in our dynamic coworking hubs in Dubai. We offer breakout zones and networking events to stimulate collaboration and advancement between professionals in Dubai. 
Choose between flexible hot-desking in an open-concept workspace or securing your personal dedicated desk within a shared office environment.


Join forces with fellow professionals who share your goals in our lively coworking hubs in Riyadh. Enjoy access to breakout areas and networking events designed to nurture collaboration and promote progress. 
Whether you prefer the flexibility of hot-desking in an open workspace or reserving a dedicated desk within a shared office, we have the perfect solution for you.

Available Workspaces:

Private Offices

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Fully-equipped private offices, Trademark stands as the preferred destination for those seeking a premium workspace. Our offices exceed expectations in terms of comfort, style, and adaptability. Customize our suites to align with your business’s unique requirements and size.
Exclusive Design
Eco-Friendly Infrastructure
Access Control
Daily or Monthly Rental Options
Business Address
Local Phone Number
Community Management
High-Speed Wi-Fi
24/7 Tech Support

Co-Working Stations

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State-of-the-art coworking stations, Trademark offers an exceptional choice for those seeking a fully-furnished workspace within a collaborative environment. The trend of shared office spaces has gained momentum for enhancing productivity, fostering valuable networking, and improving work-life balance. Experience the difference at Trademark.

Meeting Rooms

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Fully-equipped meeting rooms available, Tradmark Co working is your optimal choice for board meetings, brainstorming sessions, training seminars, or client consultations. We offer flexible booking options, whether you need a space for just an hour or an entire day. Ensure seamless meetings with our professionally designed, modern rooms.

Event Venues

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Our venue is suitable for presentations, seminars, masterclasses, workshops, photo shoots, and other similar events. We provide comprehensive support and assistance in organizing and hosting your event. An array of amenities awaits you, including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, microphones, speakers, and video projectors.

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